Tex Panels Wall & Ceiling Board

Interlocking PVC panels for interior walls and ceilings

About Tex Panels Wall & Ceiling Board

Tex Panels Wall & Ceiling Board is lightweight, low maintenance, and lasts a lifetime

Designed with a high-strength polymer formulation, Tex Panels Wall & CeilingBoard is the perfect, sustainable alternative to traditional drywall and fiberglass-reinforced plastic (FRP) systems.

Strong & Durable

Tex Panels wall and ceiling panels are scratch, dent, and damage resistant and are designed to outive the buildings they're installed In.

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Quick & Easy To Install

Tex Panels wall & ceiling panels weigh less than drywall, installs four times faster and only requires one person for installation.

Environmentally Friendly

Tex Panels products are 100% recyclable and can be reground into new materials during the manufacturing process.

High Light Reflectivity

White and gray wall and ceiling panles maximize natural and fixture lighting to boost energy efficiency and make small, darker spaces appear larger.


Moisture & Water Resistant

Waterproof Tex Panels won't degrade or deteriorate in wet or damp environments and will never grow mold or mildew.

Change The Way You Build For The Better With Tex Panels

Available in 8′, 10′, 12′, 14′, 16′, 20′ lengths. Tex Panels wall and ceiling board combines superior performance with a seamless finish to meet all residential, commercial, or agricultural project needs

Inner Tex Panel Design

Tex Panel wall & ceiling board panels are 1/2 in thick and has a unique inner tex design for high-strength and rigidity.

Hidden Fasteners

Panels have a unique tongue and groove design that interlocks, making installation quick and easy and hiding all fasteners for a smooth finish.

Antimicrobial Properties

Non-porous, antimicrobial Tex Panels provide complete protection against the growth of mold, bacteria, and viruses.

The Possibilities Are Endless With Tex Panels

Brighten any space with the crisp, clean finish of Tex Panel products to maximize natural light and add offer versatile design options

Tex Panels Benefits

Create A Canvas

Whether you're remodeling or designing newly constructed spaces, Tex Panels' wall and ceiling panels offer maximum versatility and the perfect backdrop to bring any room to life. With the ability to install panels horizontally, vertically, or both, Tex Panels can be used to transform any space

Organization Beautification

Transform mudrooms, playrooms, garages, or any space that calls for bright, efficient storage solutions with Tex Panels. Incorporating Tex Panels into any space provides a beautiful, minimalistic design ensuring everything has its place.


When designing a space, lighting has an important role to play and can affect the mood of a room. It’s also a key element in transforming the shape and size of a space. The bright white color of Tex Panels' wall and ceiling panels and the high light reflective properties help smaller, darker areas appear larger.

What Makes Tex Panels Better Than It's Competitors?

For starters, Tex Panels wall & ceiling board is easier to handle and installs faster than drywall and FRP while being 100% recyclable — but the benefits don’t stop there. Dive deeper into how our products stack up against each alternative one-on-one.

The Ideal Drywall Alternative For Any Project

It’s no secret that a finished room adds value and living space to a home. Tex Panels Wall & CeilingBoard are the perfect upgrades for any living space to your home, garage, or building delivering a bright, clean finish and unparalleled functionality.  

Some areas of your home, garage or building tend to be damp and dark. Tex Panel products, made from PVC, are mold- and mildew-resistant panels for any walls and or ceilings. They reflect light, they shed water, and they won’t expand or swell. And Tex Panels products clean up with a simple wipe. Plus, Tex Panels wall & ceiling board is tough — it’s made with an internal truss design that ensures your basement walls will last and handle high traffic and bumps without issue.  

With Tex Panels, your home, garage, or building will look and function at its best.

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